Exercising Dominion, January Days of Glory - 2022

Exercising Dominion (Day 5) – Bishop Francis Wale-Oke

Speaking In Tongues

The most underestimated gift of the Holy Spirit is speaking in diverse tongues. Every other gift of the spirit was manifested in the old testament. Great Moses, awesome Abraham and great Daniel didn’t speak in tongues. It was reserved for our times. Perfection is reserved for the new creation. It was reserved for you and me. The only one who spoke in tongues under both the old and new covenants was Jesus. The new covenant didn’t come alive till Jesus died and until the day of Pentecost.

Jesus was the prototype of what the new creature/creation should look like. He spoke in diverse tongues when he woke the dead girl, opened the blind eyes and when he was hanging on the cross, offering the supreme sacrifice for our redemption. Jesus spoke in tongues and the dead rose to life and redemption was procured for humanity. Wow! As a born again child of God, you wield the tremendous power that comes with speaking in tongues. Hallelujah!

Isaiah speaking prophetically in the book of Isaiah 12:3, talks about drawing water out of the wells of salvation! Believers ought always to pray. Kenneth Hagin said In his book titled “I believe in vision“, that God said if he could pray in the spirit for one hour every day, he could change the world. Brother Hagin said it was initially difficult to pray in tongues but eventually, he was able to do it for an hour. In fact, he eventually was able to speak out the interpretation of those tongues for 3 hours, longer than the 1 hour spent praying in tongues.

When you do this regularly, your life will change, the miraculous will begin to flow into your life and you will be a greater blessing to the world. Speaking in tongues enables you to walk in dominion. It is the Holy Spirit that empowers us to have dominion.

Pray in the spirit for a minimum of one hour daily and watch things turn around miraculously for you. Jude 1:20; keep speaking in tongues, don’t be tired. The Lord is glorious and He is doing awesome things in our midst. You are a well taught church and I have come with a Father’s blessing tonight. You are irrevocably blessed. God is raising multi-billionaires from this assembly; people that will command wealth. Whatever you do with your two hands will prosper in Jesus name! Amen!


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