Exercising Dominion, January Days of Glory - 2022

Exercising Dominion (Day 4) – Bishop Francis Wale-Oke

In the beginning, God gave man dominion. So when we talk of dominion, we must realize that it has been given to us by the King of the universe and nobody, no force, nothing else has the authority or the right to challenge your dominion because the King of the Universe, the Ruler of the Universe gave it for you.

Genesis 1:26. Look at how dignified you are. You are dignified. You are a carrier, you are a bearer of the image of the most high God. Some people claim that they were made in the image of baboons or chimpanzee….professing themselves to be wise, they become fools. They say man evolved, yet, since the time of Adam, we have not seen anybody evolve from man into something else and we have not seen a baboon evolve to become a man in over 6,000 years. This means the evolution theory is all fallacy.

You were made in the image of God. You bear His name. You must connect yourself to the source because without the I AM, you are not complete. You can’t build something on nothing. You’re just a chip of the block. You are a bearer of His image. Listen to me, dignify yourself.

Don’t give anybody permission to put you down. And of course nobody can put you down without your consent. Maybe you attended an interview and they said you didn’t qualify. Be sorry for them, not for yourself. Don’t leave that place hanging your head down. No. They have missed a jewel, they missed a carrier of covenant.

They don’t understand that God blessed the household of Potiphar because of Joseph (Genesis 39:5) and they have just missed one. They don’t understand that Laban said about Jacob “I have learnt by experience that God has prospered me because of you.” (Genesis 30:27). They don’t understand that all the people that traveled with Paul, escaped the shipwreck because of that one person. (Acts 27:27-44; 28:1-2).

They don’t know that the presence of a covenant carrier somewhere makes all of a difference. So don’t leave the place feeling sad, they didn’t qualify to have you. Don’t let any man, anyone, put you down. Not your boss; If he/she says “Are you a fool.” Reply very respectfully and politely “No sir.” Don’t let anyone’s negative word, be the last over your life. There’s power in words. If they speak any negative word, knock it off. You are dignified. You are an epitome of dignity and honour.

I have dominion. Let it register. Confess the word of the Lord because a man shall be satisfied according to the fruit of his lips. (Proverbs 18:20) How forcible are right words? With your word, you shall be justified. (Matthew 12:37).

Today, you are a product of the confession you made yesterday or the confessions you refuse to make. What you are going to be tomorrow is a product of the confession you make today. So when you read a positive word of the scripture, turn it into a positive confession and speak it. This church is growing healthy, growing strong & growing vibrant because the shepherd of the house is so loaded with the word.

He is fired up and eager for you to be blessed. The rivers of living water pouring out of Him to bless you. The word becoming positive confession in his mouth. Each time you read the scripture, turn it to positive confession. Judges 11:11. The Bible says, “and Jephthah uttered his word before the Lord.” and it was exactly what he said that God did. Wow! Please say continuously to yourself, “I have Dominion on the Earth”.

Have dominion on the face of the Earth. Genesis 1 This was the initial place God gave us dominion. This was His intention. He hadn’t executed it at the time but He had decided it. Genesis 1:27. So God created man in His image. That’s reinforcing who you are. You were made in the image of God. To know how you look don’t look in the mirror, look at God. That’s you. The same anointing is available to all, both male and female.

One of the greatest challenges in the body of Christ is identity crisis. People don’t know who they are. They don’t know who is living inside them. They don’t know what He did for them on the cross, the price He paid, they don’t know, the authority they carry on their inside. God bent down to form us Genesis 2:7 after His likeness. You look like HIM.

Don’t focus on the negative this year. Focus on the positive. Focus on what God has done for you. Focus on the dominion God has given you. Focus on your season of joy. You have stepped. Genesis 2:7. God formed man from the dust and then He breathed into him from Himself. See how dignified you are. You came from God and you are going back to Him. You are not an ordinary creature. He breathed in him the breath of life and man became a living soul.

Be fruitful, Multiply, Replenish the Earth, Subdue it, and have dominion. Genesis 1:28. Genesis 1:29. If you suffer a setback, don’t worry, the ability to replenish has been given to you, Replenish! Psalms 8:5-6. Throughout this year you will be far from shame, you will see glory, you see honour . Where you have been rejected before, you will be celebrated. This year, your joy shall be full. In Jesus Name. Amen!


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