Exercising Dominion, January Days of Glory - 2022

Exercising Dominion (Day 1) – Rev. Gbeminiyi Eboda

Unveiling What The Year Will Look Like And The Key To It

(Psalm 33:6) The Word of God that fashioned the heavens can fashion your year. In 1 Kings 18:41, for 42 months, it had not rained but a man, standing in God’s counsel, said the rain was coming and in verse 45, the showers of rain came.

The year 2022 is beginning for you on a frequency of grace. From the first month, the rains will not come moderately; it will be a deluge of God’s glory (Joel 2:23). You are not permitted to remain unchanged this year. Satan is a lame excuse for failure this year; failure will only be because you refused to do better Psalm 78:9.

(Psalm 115:16) For anything to happen on earth, it requires the permission of somebody on earth. This is because God will not violate your space. Mary had to respond in the affirmative before God used her to deliver the Messiah; she could have said no and God would have found somebody else to execute that mandate. God’s agenda cannot be held to ransom by anyone’s unwillingness (Isaiah 6:8).
Psalm 27:8 You must always respond to the Holy Spirit for you to enjoy God’s move.

There are things we need to put off to be able to put on new things (Genesis 41:15). If you will see the fulfillment of prophecy in this New Year you will need to fight against your personal limiting tendencies. It is quite possible for you to be going through the motions despite having lost your convictions. (1 Samuel 15:5, 2 Chronicles 16:9) God searches the heart. (2 Corinthians 13:5) Do an inventory and a self-assessment, because you may be in the church and not be in the faith (Psalm 19:14). Guard your heart.

Another thing to do in order to see the fulfillment of prophecy is to fight every contrary voice speaking differently from what God has said. (Proverbs 4:23) Whose report will you believe? There are so many voices i.e. the voice of economic forecast predicting doom. However, when there is a casting down, for you, there will be a lifting up.

(Mark 5:36) Believe in God and experience the miraculous. It does not matter what the news is, the faithfulness of God remains a constant for children of God. Every challenge this year is an opportunity to see what else God can do.  (Isaiah 43:19) God is set to do new things in this New Year so get ready for new experiences.

1) Your Vision – (Habakkuk 2:2) Write the vision and make it plain so that you can run with it throughout the year. That is how to activate the fulfillment of prophecy through your vision. If you have got to exercise dominion, it begins with what you see.

2) Your Words – (Matthew 8:9) Men of authority don’t expect their words to be disobeyed. The only thing that will not come is what you have not called. It is what you call out of this year that will come out of the year for you. The first time God used words, it wasn’t for communication. It was for creation; calling things that be not as though they were! (Romans 4:17) The first time man used words in the bible, it wasn’t for communication, it was for naming.

(Genesis 2:19) Call 2022 what you want to see; it is our year of governmental grace and exceeding fruitfulness. (Mark 11:23) You can use your words to move stuff and the greatest thing to move with your words is your life. Move your life in the direction of your desire (1 Samuel 10:13). (Numbers 14:28) God brings to pass what you said, not what He said.

Therefore, you are your own first prophet (Isaiah 57:19, Ephesians 4:27). Don’t talk wrong or loosely and give permission to the devil. (Psalm 141:3)Your lips are like a door regulating where you enter and where you exit. Words are not mere sounds.

3) Your Seed – You exercise dominion through your seed (Genesis 1:28). You can’t be fruitful without a seed. This is why, in Genesis 1:11, everything God made, He put the seed of it inside it. It is a seed that becomes a fruit. On your journey to dominion, you must recognize the seeds you need to sow. Not all seeds are recognizable and tangible.

A man with recognizable seeds is a man with a guaranteed, enviable future. In the light of your own needs, you might find it difficult that what you have left has a seed in it. If what you have is not enough to meet your need, it means inside it is a seed. If you hold on to your seed, that is the most it will ever be.

The moment you sow it, you give it permission to wear a new look (1 Corinthians 15:38). It does not come back in the form that you release it. Your confidence in the New Year should not be what you started with but what you parted with. Sow your seed early in the year because the time of harvest is dependent on the time of sowing (Genesis 8:22). The time you sow your seeds will determine the time that you will reap. This year, may God show you the seeds to sow. Not every seed is material.

4) Your Service – You serve your way to the top. If you begin to meet needs, you become someone people are in need of. Be a service provider. The way up is down in this kingdom. To make money, solve problems.

The kind of problems you solve and the category of people you solve the problems for will determine how far you will go. Find a need and meet it but don’t stop at meeting one need. The moment you master a need, create a system around it and find another need thereby creating multiple streams of income.

Develop a structure around your business so that it will keep working even when you are not there. When you meet needs, you get rewards and recommendations.

5) The Holy Ghost – To walk in dominion, it takes the Holy Ghost. When the Holy Ghost comes upon a man, He causes him to stand in high places. (Ezekiel 2:2) An environment will remain the same until the Holy Ghost is released into that space, then it begins to respond differently. The wilderness will only become a fruitful field after the spirit is poured from on high. Speak into your atmosphere


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