Exercising Dominion, January Days of Glory - 2022

Exercising Dominion (Day 3) – Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

The most important thing in this conference is the Word of God. It is what will birth your 2022. So you need to stay focused.

Encounters come from God’s presence. Moses had an encounter with God through the burning bush. Jacob had an encounter with God through the ascending and descending of angels. Encounter brings about fruitfulness. These come from the presence of God. The presence of God is a place of encounter and elevation. Nothing is permitted to die in God’s presence. Every month is a fruitful month.


1. Gen 28:1 I shall be called and blessed. When your phone rings, it will be to bless you and bring you good news, to favour and honour you. Isaac called Jacob and blessed him.

2. Gen 27: 41- 43, 46 Lord, please raise helpers for me in quarters that matter. You don’t just need any helper; you need helpers in palaces. If Vashti had a voice/helper, she wouldn’t have been sent out of the palace.

3. 1 Samuel 19:11-14 May you and your children not marry your enemy. You need a coverer of nakedness. Gen 26:12-15 Lord in 2022, according to Psalm 8:2, silence my enemies.

4. Deut 23:4-5 Let my voice be louder than the voice of my enemies. Do not hearken to Balaam.

5. Father, turn every curse to my blessings. Generational curses, curses of labor, inherited curses, corporate curse, turn them to my blessings.

6. Deut 23:6 Evil arrow, go back to your sender. The snare is broken and we have escaped.

7. Jere 30:20 Lord, please punish my oppressors.

8. Prophetic word: God will give to men ladders. Gen 28:12 God will compensate this year. Get ready for reward if you ever gave to this church (time, money, resources) Ladders are risers and climbers. It helps you to extend your reach. Ladders can be people. Those of you in business, pray.

9. Deut 1:6 You have dwelt long enough on this mountain. Prophetic Word: Heaven stamps us having properties this year. Lord, the ladder we saw in Gen 28:12 Lord, personally supervise my next level.

10. Lord, simplify my life.

11. Gen 28:13-15 God: There is something called ‘The until-you-succeed Mercy of God. Father let the until-you-succeed Mercy of God come upon me.

12. Lord, fortify my life. Protect me. The things that give me joy will not suddenly give me sorrow.

13. Lord please preserve my parents and everyone that matters to me.

In 2022, honour your father and mother. Anyone you look up to, bless them. Forgive their mistakes. Don’t perpetuate the evil in your family. Take care of your parents while they are alive. Blessings are provoked, just like curses. Treat them well.

For your spiritual parents, never fulfill a bastardly ministry. Don’t try to belong no matter how tech you are on social media. Life is governed by laws. Proverbs 20:20 The church is unkillable. We are God’s most priced possessions on earth. Give your parents the highest form of honor.

Because it is popular does not make it right. There is something called Native Intelligence; know your mates and tread softly. Proverbs 30:11 As a wife, take care of your parents. Harvest is real. When you intentionally hurt someone, it is a sure loan. Watch out of the reward.

14. My breakthrough shall be greater than my struggles.

15. I shall stand out.

16. I (your name) shall not be a victim of any body’s error or mistake.

17. Celebration shall never cease in my domain.

18. I shall not lose my spouse. I shall not be a young widow/widower.

19. No matter how long I live, I shall not bury my children or my grandchildren.

20. Rev. 12:15 The earth shall help me.

21. Prov. 12:21 I come against timed troubles and sudden troubles.

22. Lord, please help me in 2022.

23. In 2022, I shall have good news and good news….

24 Ask God for anything.

25 Ask for anything.


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