January Days of Glory - 2023, Sonship

January Days of Glory, 2023 – Sonship (Day 1 Recap) – Bishop Francis Wale-Oke

  • Look beyond man. Let God use whosoever he wants to, but know that your increase is from God. Psalms 121.
  • The Word is ever faithful and true! Psalms 119:162
  • The Lord shall increase your greatness.
  • In Christ Jesus, as His children, we are the same.
  • There is no gender in SONSHIP. John 1:12
  • Sons have direct access to the Father.
  • It is our season of Increase, Greatness, and Comfort. Psalms 71:21
  • In His Mercy, God made David great as a King, Prophet, and Priest (Psalms 51:1, 1 Kings 3:6).
  • Everything can fail but God’s mercy never fails.

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