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The Listening Path 1

‘What did you go out in the wilderness (desert) to see?’  Matthew 11:7 (AMPC)

At first glance, you don’t find much in a desert: arid land, solitude, difficulties, storms, disorientation…Yet, there’s so much life in the desert…

It’s in the desert that Jesus began His public ministry. And quite often, GOD led His prophets into the desert to speak to them. It’s in the desert that a bush lit up in flames and a man, Moses, caught fire for his mission.

Often GOD draws us into the desert to speak to us…from mouth to mouth. For the word “desert,” in Hebrew, is also translated “mouth.” The silence of the desert allows GOD’s still, small voice to finally be heard. GOD says, ‘…I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her there.’ Hosea 2:14 (NLT)

When GOD draws us into the desert, it’s because He wants to talk to us. There, far from the commotion of our hyper-connected lives, the ever-present promotions and ads, we rediscover the One the Bible calls the root out of dry ground. If we pay attention, the tender shoot, Jesus, is indeed there, in the desert.


I declare that I have uncommon insight because I see life from the perspective and outlook of GOD. I enjoy great wisdom to understand and fully utilize every season of my life to my advantage. The help of the Lord is mine in Jesus name.

Bible reading: Psalm 126-128

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