The HELMSMAN is the MEN’s Ministry of the HarvestHouse Nation with the mandate to raise men of the secret place who will step up to the demands of spirituality as they bend their knees to GOD in the place of prayer, thereby standing strong and standing tall to face the odd and the contradictions of life.

It is a commitment to raise Men who will ensure that the family’s vision becomes fulfilled and that those in their world and those in their care turn out right.

HELMSMAN is a community of Men who will be present in the lives of their children and teach them to honour the Presence of GOD.

They are the ones who will leverage on the wisdom of others to navigate better the seasons of life, reduce their margin of error and increase their chances of success.

This is a mandate to help men win on multiple front together and each one cease from doing life alone.

For enquiries, reach out to +234…