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Confession for Success

I am thankful because I am GOD’s masterpiece; I have GOD’s life in me and live by THE BLESSING. By my GOD, I do valiantly, and I am unstoppable. I subdue nations, kingdoms, industries, and sectors; I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. I am a trailblazer and a world changer; I positively influence my world, and I am causing great changes everywhere I go. I have GOD’s DNA; therefore, I succeed in every good thing, and at all times. I am exceedingly fruitful, I multiply, and my influence fills the earth. I walk in dominion in every place and at all times, and GOD’s glorious intentions find expressions through my life. [Gen.1:26-28, Ps.82:6, Jn.5:26, Ps.60:12, Matt.5:13-16, Phil.4:13]


I am blessed with the right associations, and I am surrounded by value-adding relationships. I am a doer of GOD’s word and live daily by HIS principles; therefore, I am like a tree planted by the rivers of water, I am fruitful in all seasons, and I flourish in everything I do. I am grace-enabled, and heaven assisted; therefore, I do not struggle, my advancement is accelerated, and my progress is made easy In Jesus name. [Ps.1:1-3, Jos.1:8, Jam.1:25, Ps.37:4, Prov.16:3, Isa.41:10, Isa.50:7-9]


GOD’s Manifest presence abides with me always; therefore, I enjoy favor on all fronts, and the works of my hands are blessed. I grow in capacity daily, and I’m faithful in all that GOD commits to my charge; therefore, I grow in influence, and I expand/enlarge in affluence. By THE BLESSING, I have the capacity to do well, and I have the power to generate wealth. I am rich towards GOD, and I am a great blessing to humanity, through me, the kingdom of GOD is being established on earth, and the expressions of GOD’s love is being felt by humanity. [Gen.39:2-6Lk.16:10-11, Deut.8:18]


Nigeria is blessed and highly favored. Solution providers are springing forth from Zion, and through us, GOD is changing Nigeria for the better. Every sector of our national life is blessed, and the prophetic destiny of our nation is being fulfilled. We decree and declare that GOD’s glory is risen upon Nigeria; therefore, Nigeria is rising above all limitations; peace and prosperity is restored in our nation In Jesus Name. [Isa.60:18, Ps.122:7, Oba.1:21, Isa.60:1-5]


At Harvest House, we are blessed in all things, and by the force of THE BLESSING, we enjoy success in every endeavor. We live in dominion, and we reign in every sector of human endeavor. Through us, the manifold wisdom of GOD finds expression without restrictions, and by us, the knowledge of GOD’s glory and love covers the earth In Jesus Name. Amen [Gen.24:1, Hab.2:14, 1Pet.2:9, Oba.1:21, Rev.11:15])

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