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Confession for Spiritual Revival

I declare this is my season of restoration. My spirit and body is revived and quickened by the Holy Spirit. My mind is empowered and transformed by the living and active word of God. I declare, I have an increase in sensitivity to GOD’s word and the things of the Spirit. Ps 85:6, Ps 138:7, Isa 57:15, Hosea 14:7, Rom 8:11, Hab 3:2, Heb 4:12.

I receive strength in my inner man by the Holy Spirit, therefore, my life and all that is mine is powered by the Spirit of GOD. I increase in grace and in the knowledge of GOD. I am enabled and empowered for exploits in this season. Eph 3:16, Phil 3:10, Eph 3:20, Phil 2:13, Dan 11:32, 2 Pet 3:18.

God’s secret place is my dwelling place, therefore, I enjoy the discipline of study and commitment to prayer. As I wait upon the Lord, my strength is renewed and I soar above every limitation. I enjoy access to the secret things of God, therefore I know what to do per time. God is at work in me and his pleasure prospers in my hands. Job 14:14, Ps 25:5, Ps 33:20, Ps 62:5, Ps 20:2, Ps 27:14, Ps 31:24, Phil 4:13, Isa 40: 29, 31, Psalm 91:1, Phil 2:23

I delight in GOD’s Word, therefore, I have revelation in the knowledge of His will. As I meditate continually on the word of God, my faith is built up and I take faith inspired steps to my ordained places. I thirst and hunger after more of GOD, therefore I am filled continually by the Holy Spirit and I am a carrier of His presence. Ps 119: 25, 37, 40, 50, 159, Ps 42:2, Ps 63:1, Ps 143:6, Isa 49:10, Ps 23:3, Col 1:9.

I declare the light of GOD shines in every area of my life and I receive light and instruction for my flight. As I obey God’s word, He causes me to stand perfect and complete in his will for my life. Ps 119:105, 130, Ps 36:9, John 1:4, Col 4:12.

I declare, my body is strengthened, my mind is renewed and my spirit is quickened for the days and opportunities ahead. I am Revived in Jesus name, Amen. Rom 8:11, 2Tim 1:7, Isa 57:15, Rom 12:2.

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