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Confession for Projects

I thank you Father for my Project, Works and Plans. They are in your hands and you cause them to succeed. My mind is alert to receive creative ideas and witty inventions. My hands are skilled and resourced to bring success to my projects. GOD’s favour surrounds me like a shield. I have favour with my suppliers, contractors, clients and affiliates. Every day and in every way, I am increasing financially. I make daily progress in my Projects. My Projects are built on the wisdom of GOD and are established by supernatural understanding. Every day, GOD teaches me to profit. I receive divine ideas that produce supernatural financial increase. HE commands the blessing upon me in my storehouses and accounts, and in the projects that I set my hands to do. (Gen 28:15, Prov. 16:3, Prov. 8:12, Ex. 31:3, Ps. 5:12, Ps 115:14, Prov 24:3, Isaiah 48:17, 28:8)

I am filled with the knowledge of GOD’s will for my Projects, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, and I walk worthy of the LORD,  pleasing HIM in all my ways. The windows of heaven are open over my Projects because I am a tither. My bank accounts are filled with plenty and my investments and assets overflow.  My delight is in the law of the LORD and in it I meditate day and night. I am like a tree planted by the rivers of water; I bring forth my fruit in my season and whatever I lay my hands to do prospers (Col 1: 9-10, Mal 3: 10, Psalm 1:2-3)

The LORD goes before me, levels the mountains and makes the crooked places straight. I overcome every obstacle and barriers on the path of my project. I enjoy ease in the implementation of this project and I find favour with all the parties involved. I attract resources and I enjoy participation of the critical people.  HE gives me the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places. My GOD supplies all the needs of the project according to HIS riches in glory. I lack nothing! I have light (revelation, wisdom and understanding), I cannot be confused, perplexed or overwhelmed. I am not shaken by circumstances, and I am not afraid, because I trust the LORD in all things.  No project is too big for me to take on, no project is too complicated for me to understand and no project is too expensive for me to fund. (Isaiah 45:2-3 Amp, Phil 4: 19, Num 14: 7-8)

I enjoy speed in the accomplishment of my dreams.  I have outstanding success in all my projects. I enjoy the Favour of GOD, the help of men and the approval of relevant Government Authorities. Everyone that is critical to this project favours me. Every opposition is crushed. I am focused on the goal, I do not give room to distractions therefore the project will not be abandoned. I speak life to every project I have been trying to start or continue, they receive every needed assistance, fund, help, motivation and right environment to be brought back to life. My Projects are born of GOD therefore they overcome the world. For my Projects I enjoy the gift of men and my men will not be few. (Neh 2:20, Neh 6: 2-4, I John 5: 4)

I enjoy the Grace of a Finisher! I complete everything I start. I execute every project excellently well, therefore my Joy is always full. I am funded, motivated, resourced, encouraged, gingered, strengthened, supported, prompted, inspired, pushed, led, mentored, driven, spurred, persuaded, propelled and triggered to do everything I need to do. For every of my projects regardless of the size and shape, I will bring out the capstone with shouts of ‘Grace, Grace to it!’ (I Kings 6:4, Neh 6:15, John 17: 4, Ex 39:32, I Cor 1:8 , Psalm 46:1, Zech 4: 6-9,)


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