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Confession for Productivity

I thank GOD for bringing me into my Productive and Fruitful Season. I declare that my dry seasons are over. In this new season, I stay in GOD’s Presence, meditate on His word and obey His instructions. Therefore, my life flourishes and bears fruit evident for all to see. (Isa 37:31, Josh 1:8, Psalm 1: 1-3, Psalm 92:13)

I am like a tree planted by the rivers of water and I bring forth worthy fruit in this new season. All I do prospers because I delight in God’s word. While men are saying there is a casting down, my testimony is that of liftings and progress. (Ps1:1-3, Job 22:29)

I am not slothful in my business, I am diligent in all my doings. The Holy Spirit inspires my mind to plan and I am led along the best pathway for my life and business. I have an extraordinary spirit, therefore, I am focused on my assignment, I pay attention to details and realize my objectives. I stand before Kings and not before ordinary men.  My solutions are preferred, my brands are accepted, my products are attractive and I am sought after by the nobles of my industry and the world. Men love what I have to offer. (Prov22:29, Psalm 32:8, Job 32:8, Daniel 6:3).

I am filled with the knowledge of GOD’s will for my career in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, and I walk worthy of the LORD, pleasing HIM in all my ways. I experience favour in the sight of my superiors and industry leaders. I enjoy higher levels of responsibility and leadership. I am preferred above my peers, because an excellent Spirit is in me. (Col 1:9, Acts 7:10, Daniel 1:9, Daniel 6:3).

In this year, I reap a hundredfold because of The Blessing of GOD over my life. I prosper and continue to prosper until I become very prosperous. (Gen26:12-13).

The devourer is rebuked over my family and business. The windows of heaven are opened over me and my barns (bank accounts) are filled with plenty and my vats (investments, assets etc.) overflow in Jesus name, Amen. (Mal 3: 8-10, Prov 3:10, Joel 2:24)

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