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Confession for Career Success & Business Breakthrough

I am blessed and I operate under open heavens. By my God, I run through the troops and leap over every wall. I advance forcefully. My experience aligns with GOD’s word therefore I enjoy the grace of the preferred. I have capacity for performance, I increase in competence, I have wisdom for every occasion and by the breath of GOD’s Spirit I enjoy unusual creativity. My teachers are not far from me. I have seeing eyes and wisdom to recognize my helpers. I make the right decisions at all times. I am free from errors, mine and the errors of others.

I have access to the deep things of God. I am a king, it is my pleasure to search out the hidden things. I possess the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places. The wealth of the wicked transfers to me because I am at the right place at the right time.I work with willing hands and my steps are ordered by God. The nations come to me, I have eagle vision for opportunities afar off, and I enjoy supernatural enabling to maximize them. I am attractive to favour. Good comes to me and goods come to me. The ships come, the men that will execute God’s counsel locate me. In my kingly assignment I have dominion by light, the secrets of GOD are upon my tabernacle.

I own the lion share in my industry; My voice is relevant  and amplified. My impact is felt locally and globally. I am more than conquerors. My resources multiply, my investments multiply, my assets multiply. Everything I touch prospers, nothing diminishes around me.The blessing is on me!

Eph 1:3, Eze1:1, Matt 3:16, Heb1:9, Gen 47:6, 1Sam18:14, Job32:8, Isaiah60, Job 29:3-4, 1Cor 3:22, Gen 1:28, Deut 1:11, Gen 17:2 Psm1:3.



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