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HCC children unit


HarvestHouse Christian Center, Children Church create the right atmosphere for Children to learn about God and His word. We are children friendly, passionate and concerned about planting the seed of God's word in the individual heart of every child that comes to Jesus Christ and his church. By providing the right spiritual atmosphere for every child and teenager, it is our joy raising models from cradle, nurturing every child with the right method, balanced approach but Holy-Spirit sensitive as each child seek to know Him. We are consciously, intentionally and constantly committed to empowering Saints from their Childhood and developmental periods through our Sunday School Class system structure, monthly Kampkinetics Junior Bible club meetings and a yearly involvement in the Kampkinectics Camp program where children (from ages 5), teenagers and coaches converge. We see every child in our church fulfilling their destinies through the discovery of their latent God-given potentials. This is our pursuit and topmost priority because they are the future church and light to the World.

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