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Clapping hands, receptive hearts, lifted spirits, strengthened hands, and joyous souls were the order of the day in God’s presence on Sunday as we enjoyed the ministry of God’s Word through His servant, Rev. Gbeminiyi Eboda, to exhort, lift, strengthen, encourage and to give light to us. As we wrap up April, we are being filled until we are full of wisdom tips for discovery. The word “discovery” means to come to the end of a search; to come to an awareness of the end of a search; to happen on something (Matthew 7:8, Luke 15:8-9, Psalm 119:162). Discoveries from God’s word gladden the heart and flood one’s soul with joy because we are aware that the One who has spoken is always credible and His promises are bankable (1 Corinthians 1:20; Jeremiah 1:12; Numbers 23:19; Psalm 138:2). Discoveries from God’s Word usually birth hope: the kind of hope that doesn’t make ashamed, the kind that is a confident expectation of a favourable outcome.

Discoveries aren’t created. Isaac’s men in Genesis 26:19 didn’t create the well, they found it. Isaac Newton didn’t create gravity, he discovered it. Michael Faraday didn’t create electricity, he discovered it. These discoveries of science have made life much easier to live. Discoveries from God’s word will turn the tides of the lives of anyone who makes them. When you make discoveries from God’s word, you understand:

1. The potency of faith. Faith is a weapon that can move seemingly insurmountable mountains.

2. The power of your words. You know that by your words you will be justified and by them you can be ensnared. Your words can either make you sink or sail, float or drown, rise or fall. You can either describe the walls of Jericho with your words or pull them down with your words. A miracle is always in your mouth. When you understand this, you are careful the way you talk. The Bible says divination is in the mouth of royalty, he will not transgress in judgement.

3. The force of love. When you understand this you will always walk in love. The Bible says in 1Corinthians 13:8 that love never fails. Those who walk in love cannot stumble.

4. The mystery of longevity. We can have an assurance of life because of the truth we have uncovered from God’s Word and not because of heredity. Longevity answers to a combination therapy (Psalm 91:1-2;16; Psalm 41:1-2; Ephesians 6:2) The combination therapy involves walking in the consciousness of one’s position (i.e. understanding that your dwelling place and permanent residential address is in the secret place of the Most High); having a heart for others no matter how meager your means, and honoring one’s parents. Just a little wisdom nugget here: No matter how meager your means, God is going to give you something for somebody else. It is the liberal soul that is made fat. These are the ways to secure a long life and a life well-lived.

5. The mystery of covenant wealth. Wealth for a child of God isn’t tied to a salary. When the Israelites were leaving Egypt, God gave them gold and silver, and granted them favour (Exodus 3:21; Exodus 11). He fed them with quails and manna in the wilderness. What determines what you trust God for isn’t your salary because you are an ambassador on earth. Every ambassador enjoys diplomatic supply and immunity. Every believer is supplied from Source (Philippians 4:19) Find the guarantee of the possibility in God’s word, brood on it until light comes so you can withstand any contradicting oppositions. The power to acquire is given by God, it is the power of wisdom and favour.

When you make all these discoveries from God’s Word, you’ll stop playing the underdog in life. He has accepted people from different tribes, tongues and lands as long as they fear Him and walk uprightly. You will not find partiality or taking of bribes in God. We are all accepted in the beloved. These discoveries will change your life totally.

Know that the Word of God in the mouth of God is as powerful as the word of God in your mouth. When Ezekiel said what God said, the soldiers awakened. You can’t afford to not know these things. Ignorance sets the limits to what you can enjoy in God. Don’t be a child-heir. Crises in life are traceable to ignorance in those areas of your life. Truth sets one free. Truth is the light that shines in darkness and cannot be overpowered. Ignorance isn’t a respecter of age, career or background (Job 32:8-9; Ecclesiastes 4:13).

These are the triggers for light:

1. Meekness (Matthew 5:5) To be meek is to be teachable; it means for one to still be reached. When people can’t reach you, help can’t reach you. Saul found the asses and a throne because he was listening; the moment he stopped listening, he lost everything he’d found in the first place. Even if you are in a mess right now, there is an exit strategy if you will listen. In Jeremiah 40:13-14 and 41:1-2, we see a man that lost his life because he wouldn’t listen. When God begins to bless you, you can’t tell who is a friend or a foe because He prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies. You need to be more cautious and guarded with the words of your mouth and who you share your vulnerabilities with. You want to know who to trust? Give it time because patience will always force deception to reveal itself; and find out those who have a stake around you; those who are making sacrifices to be with you. There is a difference between faith and blinded optimism. Wisdom is respecting the opinion of a superior but humility is respecting the opinion of a subordinate.

2. The Holy Spirit is the Revelator. The Bible remains a closed book without the help of the Holy Spirit. Emmanuel is God with us but the Holy Spirit is God in us. Whatever God with us can do, God in us can accomplish as well. The Holy Spirit unveils the truth in God’s word.

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