Friendship Centers

The Friendship Center is a place where we fellowship and encourage one another at home, workplace, friendship spots e.t.c. A place where your spiritual, social and material needs can be cared for. We make our welfare packages available to one another through the friendship centres and we see love being reciprocated as every member of the Friendship Centre stand by one another in times of need. In HarvestHouse, we love and care about you. The question therefore is: do you care enough to receive and reciprocate our love?

Our Objective

The Friendship Center system is designed to meet the following objectives:

  1. Provide personal pastoral care for individual members of the church through visitation, bible study, prayers and benevolence.
  2. Provide support for members through benevolence, and ministry extension responsibilities/initiatives, e.g. ceremonies and dedication.
  3. Enhance members’ personal development and subsequent integration into core leadership through practical service.
  4. Strengthen the church and serve as a dragnet for reaching non-Christians and other prospective members.

Our Friendship Center system has a model, runs by term and an outlook.

The Model

Presently, we run the 3 by 3 model in friendship center. This means that 3 Friendship Centres make a Section, while 3 Sections make an Area. 3 Areas make a Zone

The Term

The friendship center is introducing a 4 term session per year in which a term is a 10 week period and at the end of each term, we get a feedback on how you have been blessed by being a part.

The Outlook

The Friendship Center has both a pastoral and an evangelistic outlook to it. The pastoral outlook provides pastoral oversight for a maximum of 12 people in a centre through the friendship centre leaders and the zonal leader. And through the evangelistic outlook, we reach out to the immediate community where the centre is located through what we call the Kingdom Initiatives