March Confession, 2017

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I thank GOD because new things are in order in my life. Every area of my life experiences GOD’S newness.

My path shines brighter and there is no better yesterday. I declare that I am taking territories for the Kingdom of GOD and wherever the soles of my feet tread upon is for my possession.

By revelation, I receive ground-breaking ideas and as I step out in faith I see them coming to fruition.

I declare that I am a Voice of Influence, a Solution Provider and a Change Agent.  I step into difficult situations and turn them around for HIS Glory.

Before me, the wilderness becomes a fruitful field and the fruitful field is esteemed into a forest. (Proverbs 4:18, Isaiah 54: 3, Joshua 1:3, Isaiah 32:15)

I declare increase upon my increase. Like a fruitful Vine, my branches run over the wall.

Every blessing becomes a stepping stone for a new dimension of grace and favour in my life in Jesus Name.

I am equipped with Wisdom to manage every phase of my life and I am thoroughly furnished unto every good work.

I declare that I grow in the GOD kind of faith.  As I meditate on the Word of GOD and give myself wholly to it, my profiting will appear to all.

My Spirit is attuned to HIS Voice and I am free from all forms of distraction.  (Genesis 49: 22, 2 Timothy 3:17, Zechariah 10: 8, 1 Timothy 4:15)

We declare that Nigeria is making progress in Jesus Name. What GOD has started in our nation, HE will bring to completion.

We declare that our Leaders have Judgement and they rule with Righteousness. We speak peace to the North, the South, the East and the West.

GOD is restoring the years the locust has eaten and for our shame we receive double honour (Joel 2:25, Isaiah 61:7, Psalm 72:1)

At HarvestHouse, the Surveyor’s line is again extended on our behalf. We are breaking forth on the right hand and on the left.

We are trees planted by the waters, we do not cease from yielding fruits. The pleasure of the LORD prospers in our hands.

All our members are living proofs of The Blessing of the LORD upon this House.

GOD is working with us and confirming HIS Word with accompanying signs in Jesus Name. Amen! (Isaiah 54:3; 53:10, Mark 16:20, Mark 6:42, Matthew 14:20, Luke 9:17, Jeremiah 31:39; 17:8)

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