June 2017 Confession

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I thank GOD for bringing me into this month of June and for the greater things HE has in store for me.

The LORD gives me Grace and Glory, therefore nothing good is withheld from me. (Isa 42:9, Ps 85:12, Eze 36:11, Ps 84:11)

I declare the glory of GOD is risen upon me. My light has come and it shines forth; therefore, kings and nobles come to the brightness of my rising.

I tower high by the force of The Blessing; I am a rising star and a shining light. I declare that I am the salt of the earth, the light of the world, and a city set upon the hill that cannot be hidden.

I am a value-adder and I impact my world intentionally. As I give myself wholly to the study of GOD’s Word, I am being transformed daily into the perfect image of Jesus Christ. (Isa 60:1-3, Matt 5:13-14. 2 Cor. 3:18, Acts 20:32.)

We declare GOD’s restoration in our Nation Nigeria. Our economy is rising high of recession.

We declare there is peace in every troubled region and progress in every sector in our country.

Our leaders govern and administer our resources in the fear of GOD. Nigeria is blessed and prosperous, in Jesus Name. (Isa. 33:22, Isa. 1:6, Jer. 33:6)

At HarvestHouse, we are trail blazers, trend setters and shining lights to our world. As we are being built up by the Word, we increase in strength, and we wax exceedingly mighty.

We enjoy GOD’s visitation and the performance of GOD’s good word towards us. The hand of GOD is upon us and our company greatly increases.

We enjoy the gifts of men and abundance of resources. We are marvelously helped, graced, blessed and highly favoured, in Jesus Name. AMEN! (Psa. 28:7, Jer 29:10, 1 Cor. 15:10, Luke 1:28)

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