GRACE UNVEILED – Arch. Jumoke Adenowo

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At HarvestHouse Christian Center we kicked off the new month with a service in honour of mothers. It was a mind-blowing time in Church as women grasped revelation to be free of the desire to become men, and men grasped the revelation to enjoy the glory of fatherhood. It was an awesome time as we were taught, impacted and graced for our different assignments. We celebrate the way God made women and we have come to know that women were created after God had rested and was refreshed. Women were upgrades of the male man. Women were made from a refined material.

Here is the recap of the message: To understand the glory or grace of a thing, the origin has to be traced. Jesus Christ, the One whom the anointing was upon without measure, asked of God in John 17:5 to glorify Him with the glory He had with The Father from the beginning. Who would have thought there was more glory to Jesus after all He had done? There is more to you that meets the eye, there is something in you that God is going to introduce to your world.

To understand the glory of a woman, we need to go back to the foundations. In Genesis 1:28, God blessed THEM! It was only one man that was in the picture here and the mandate of dominion and communicating the blessing was given to him. In Genesis 2:4-5, the Bible said God had not caused it to rain because there was no man to till the ground; when a man or a woman does not stand in their proper position, there will be a limit to the abundance they can enjoy. God would not give more rain to those that haven’t optimally used the resources He had given them.

Lack of understanding is what a lot are rolling in when things aren’t working and when people experience a dry spell. But God’s word to us is there will be rain if you get understanding; if you can maximize the resources that God has deposited on the inside of you.

First, there is no competition between men and women. We complement each other; we are different but equal. God formed man from the dust of the earth and breathed into man His Spirit, power and glory. However, as “whole” as this creature seemed, God came to a conclusion in Genesis 2:18 that it wasn’t good for such a man to be alone. Therefore, the woman was created as a necessity and not as an addendum. A woman is a human resource requirement. In this passage of the Bible, God was saying it would not be beneficial to the man to be alone if he wanted to fulfil the dominion mandate.

Those who understand the principles and the matters of Kingdom are to be top in whatever field of choice (Micah 4:1-2) – this is the dominion mandate. Man was given the power to name, and everything he called each creature was what they began to be. He had the ability to look into the nature of a creature and invoke what it would be called. Then God brought the woman to man and man called her woman because she came out of man but that wasn’t her only source. Man came from God and from the earth, woman came from God and from the man. He named her after the flesh.

Also, know that there is a foundation for motherhood and it is fatherhood. There are some prerequisites a man must have before a woman can come into his life. The woman is not the first need of a man – his first need is the Presence of God. The man must be one that knows God, that hears Him and is in constant communion with Him because before a man can recognise the true worth of a woman, He must have recognised God. When God made the woman, man was in a deep sleep with his senses suspended and his spirit alive. He must be one that lives by the Word- it was man that was given the charge and can follow instructions. Secondly, he had a JOB; God asked him to cultivate and tend the garden. He must be able to bring out the best out of the things around him. That man should be able to protect also. It isn’t good for a man with these qualities to be alone. However, if a man is not in God’s presence, does not hear and follow instructions, doesn’t have a job and cannot protect, it is very GOOD that such man be alone. A woman should marry a man that has a father, that is accountable to someone.

This is for the men: the woman you want only exists in your mind. God usually gives raw materials because He has given you the ability to be a co-creator with him. Nobody was already made and already grown up, the last time that happened was with Adam.

In Genesis 3, all the creatures involved in the fall got the consequences of their actions. There were specific things dished out by God to each of the creatures – Adam, woman and the serpent. The ground wasn’t cursed for the woman but for fallen man. Women were not created to hustle. Her relationship with the earth is different from that of a man. It was Adam God sent out of Eden to toil so he could eat from the land. Fallen man was sentenced to a life to serve the earth, but all the things he wants from the ground are present in God’s presence. The man was tending the garden before the fall and he didn’t tend with agricultural tools but he created like the Creator- with his words. Man has the power as a co-creator to make everything in the earth yield to him.

Man then looked at the woman in Genesis 3:20 and called her Eve. He invoked out of her a life spring; an ability to give life, revive and resurrect. She was called the mother of all living; every woman has in her the ability to nurse more than her family. Women have in them the ability to nurse a nation and the world.


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