December Confession, 2016

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I thank GOD that this is the day that the LORD has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it. My heart is full of joy. The night is over; joy is here! The beauty of GOD overcomes all dullness. I receive messages of joy, I have a praising heart and I am an “Oak of Righteousness” planted by GOD to display HIS glory. (Ps 118:24, Is 61:3)

My life is beautified by GOD. HE crowns my head with everlasting Joy, and gladness and Joy overtakes me. The Joy of the LORD is my strength. I delight in the goodness of the almighty GOD. I receive a double portion and I rejoice in my inheritance. I have joy unspeakable, full of glory. I am clothed in a garment of praise. Therefore, I am never stressed, anxious, or worried. (Is 61:7, Neh 8:10)

The best days of the year are here! This end of the year is the best of the year for me. I declare that every prophetic word spoken over my life is established. My life is a credible reflection of heaven’s investments and a valid testimonial of the grace of GOD. The LORD will do GREAT THINGS. I am experiencing the fulfillment of GOD’s promises in my life. I am returning with testimonies and thanksgiving. I am leaving this year with joy. (Eccl 7:8, Is 51:11)

We declare that Nigeria is a delightsome land, righteousness springs forth in every sector; Nigerians are blessed, our land is fruitful, living conditions are improving, our leaders are filled with the wisdom of GOD and they administer our GOD given resources in the fear of GOD. Nigeria arises to fulfill her prophetic destiny among the committee of nations. (Eze 47:12, Gen 41:52, 2Kings 2:19-21 Isa 1:26)

At HarvestHouse, we are the handiwork of a great GOD. HE has blessed us, multiplied us, increased us, and made us fruitful, therefore we are waxing exceedingly mighty, the land is filled with our kind and we are becoming a community of greatness. (Gen 1:28, Heb 6:14)


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