I thank GOD because lines are falling to me in pleasant places and I have a beautiful inheritance. The Blessing of the LORD is upon me; therefore favour surrounds me like a shield. I enjoy every favour and earthly blessing in abundance; therefore I always, under all circumstances, regardless of the need, have complete sufficiency in everything. Nothing good is withheld from me for GOD’s Grace and Glory are mine. I have all it takes to live a good and Godly life. I am a planting of the LORD; I am like a well-watered garden and a tree by the rivers of many waters. I am not affected by drought, I do not lack. I spend from the overflow of GOD’s abundance. I enjoy open heavens, supernatural provisions and daily supplies. My needs are supplied according to GOD’s riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  [Ps 16:6, Ps.5:12, 2 Cor 9: 8, Ps. 84: 11, Ps.1:1-3, Jer. 17:7-8, Ps.23:1, Mt 6:11, Phil 4:19]

The Bible is not closed to me. I enjoy fresh insight and revelation every time I read it. My sensitivity is heightened. I enjoy access into riches in secret places. I enjoy the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of GOD and HIS ways. My spiritual eyes are flooded with light. Therefore I know the Hope of GOD’s calling, the Riches of HIS Glory and the Exceeding Greatness of HIS power. I am filled with the knowledge of HIS will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. I have an anointing and I know what to do per time therefore I cannot be stranded. Grace always attends to the steps I take. I am marvelously helped. [Eph 3: 3-4, 12, Eph 1: 17-20]

We declare that the path of Nigeria on the road to Recovery shines brighter. Things are getting better, inflation is drastically coming down and the troubled regions in our country are becoming livable again. We enjoy Peace and Prosperity in this Country. We command the social, political and economic saboteurs to proceed no more. Deliverers are coming out of Zion. Nigeria will fulfill Her prophetic destiny. [Pro 4: 18 Ps147:14, 122: 7, 2 Tim 3:8, Obadiah 1:21]

At HarvestHouse, we are served only the best. We are distinguished by our Wisdom and the GOD-kind of results we generate. We prosper in all that we set our hearts on and our hands to do. We are sold-out to GOD and HIS Kingdom. We take roots downward and bear fruits upward. The Surveyor’s line is again extended.

We are graced for Greater Impact and Global Relevance. In Jesus Name, Amen! [Mk 16: 20 , Is 53:10, 54:3,  Jer 31: 39]